Imagine living in an urban jungle. Cozy, beautiful, and full of life.

You don't have to imagine anymore.

  • Understand Your Home & Your Plant

    As a houseplant collector, your job is to replicate your plant's natural environment within the confines of your home. It can be much easier said than done! This course will give you the foundations you need to learn as you go and bring the right plants into your home with confidence.

  • Grow Your Green Thumb

    Apply this foundational houseplant knowledge to any houseplant you add to your collection. A green thumb is a skill learned and practiced, and I have helped countless people build a collection they are proud of! I can't wait to help you build yours.

  • Self-Care & Personal Growth

    Houseplants can be an incredible gift to help us slow down, breathe deeply, and appreciate the growth process. But ONLY if you aren't so worried that they are going to die! This course will help you do that.

Meet your instructor

(and new favorite plant lady!)

  • Dusty Hegge

    Houseplant Educator, Business Strategist, and Host of Grow Well Podcast

    Dusty Hegge

    I am a wife and mother living in the PNW with a pretty serious thing for black coffee and bourbon. I never feel quite like myself until my hair is pulled up in a scrunchy and I have dirt under my fingernails from gardening. I can’t help but see the incredible parallels between plant growth and the way God brings us through seasons in our lives and businesses. My goal is to equip you with the tools you need to navigate those seasons WELL and learn to appreciate the growth process along the way.

Course curriculum

What people are saying

Lilah Higgins

I am having fun!

Lilah Higgins

Dusty makes plant care fun and EASY to understand. I've had fun building my plant collection and the feeling of actually knowing what I am doing!
Jill Halverson

"The best self-care I've invested in all year."

Jill Halverson

"I left the workshop feeling confident in my abilities as a plant lady. I wasn’t sure if I had it in me, but after the class it turned out I knew a bit more then I had thought and I'm not such a lost cause after all." (photo: Cast & Forge Photography)

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You are not a houseplant killer. You are CAPABLE.

So here’s the deal: houseplants are extra. You really don't NEED them. But oh man, what a precious gift when approached the right way! If you are ready to grow your knowledge of plants, curate a DREAMY houseplant collection, and invest in personal growth then this course is what you’ve been waiting for.

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